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Real property
is property that includes land and buildings, and anything affixed to the land. For a business, real property would include warehouses, factories, offices, and other buildings owned by the business. Real property only includes those structures that are affixed to the land, not those which can be removed, such as equipment.

JOHN WHITEHEAD - Property Assessor

The Property Assessor’s Office is responsible for the appraisal of all taxable properties in Knox County.  A reappraisal of all properties is done every four (4) years in accordance with state law.  The values reflected on this site are appraised values only.  During the upcoming 2017 reappraisal period, you may notice a change in your value to reflect current market conditions or physical changes made to your property.  Assessment Change Notices are mailed each year in May.  Additionally, if a property’s improvements change between January 1 and September 1, pro-rated value notices are mailed in September based on the number of days the improvements are completed in that time period.  If you find an error or would like to discuss the information on this site, please e-mail our office at