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Real property
is property that includes land and buildings, and anything affixed to the land. For a business, real property would include warehouses, factories, offices, and other buildings owned by the business. Real property only includes those structures that are affixed to the land, not those which can be removed, such as equipment.

Phil Ballard - Property Assessor

The Property Assessor’s office appraisal personnel appraise all taxable properties in the county every four years in accordance with state law.  The values represented on this site have a base value effective as of January 1, 2013 which was the last revaluation.  Each tax year 2013 through 2016 appraised values are based on the same base and property taxes are based on these values accordingly.  Assessment Change Notices reflecting changes that may occur in the physical characteristics of the property are mailed in May of each of the taxable years with appeal instructions if you deem there to be an error or if you disagree with the appraised value.  In additon, if a property's improvement changes between January 1 and September 1 pro-rate notices are mailed in September with improvement values prorated based on the number of days completed in that period. If you have any questions regarding the data on this site, please email them to

FYI:  The values appearing on this site are "appraised" values   The Knox County Commission adopted the 2013 Property Tax Rate of $2.32 per $100 of Assessed Value for tax year 2014.  The City of Knoxville Council recently increased the 2013 property tax rate by adopting a rate for tax year 2014 of $2.7257 per $100 of Assessed Value for properties in their jurisdiction which is an increase of 34 cents over the 2013 rate.  Properties in the city pay both city and county property tax.   The property tax rates are applied to each $100 of an "assessed" value.  Residential/Farm properties are assessed at 25% of their appraised values.  Commercial/Industrial properties are assessed at 40% of their appraised values. Some properties contain more than one classification of property, i.e. a cellular tower site existing on a farm property may have 1.00 acre assigned a value that is commercially assessed.  Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.

The property look-up link above will direct the user to our E-Gov site that lists property values on the subject property since tax year 2010 continuing through 2013 or the most current tax year that has changed.  The current property characteristics of the land and improvements are also available in abbreviated form along with a printable property record card.  The search window allows the user to search in many different ways to locate real property in Knox County.  We realize that some data appearing on the property records may be incorrect and we invite your comments.  Please send them to our office email at or call and inform our staff at (865) 215-2360.  We are placing this data on the World Wide Web as a service to the Knox County taxpayers and many others interested in property values and strive to enhance the accuracy of the data by your comments.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you as your Property Assessor,